Acp Design

ACP Design is an international architectural design company located in Moscow and founded and executed by Ekaterina Gromykhina (MARKHI (Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy) [1997]) and Svetlana Glagolevskaya (Almaty (Kazakhstan) Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute; Architecture Faculty [1986]. The company  is  actively executing multidisciplinary project service on  many various ongoing and built projects in Russia, Kazakhstan mainly in  CIS region as well as  in Europe  and Middle east including UAE and gulf region. The work of ACP Design  has been carried out by many specialized professionals  based in offices  located  in Moscow, Astana & Dubai,  which has been fully licensed and has already completed multiple projects in their  own regions.  ACP Design’s main specialization area is developed in design of mixed-use, retail, office, residential, tourism and hospitality projects which many of them received international awards.  Among  many spectacular hotel projects that it has been involved, one of the most important and well known one is Ritz Carlton Moscow located next to Red Square and close to the Kremlin and Bolshoi Theatre. (all of the Working documentation, adaptation, construction documentation services  of this building have been completed by our Most significant characteristic of ACP  Design is the ability to combine contemporary architecture with local experience and know-how and a realistic applicable approach , to achieve the client’s requests and the maximum  feasibility for the project. After several number of realized projects, a significant experience has been gained in the requirements, services and organization of large-scale and international projects.