Anapa Resort Hotel

Anapa, Russia

The land plot is located on the south of Anapa near Black Sea on a sloped hill. The complex is envisioned to be developed as a 5 star resort hotel, congress center and spa on one parcel and bungalows and cottages on the next parcel.
Since there exits 12-20 meters level difference between two borders of the land plot, the project is designed to integrate the hotel scheme to the topography of the site. The development idea is to plan the hotel as a resort complex with an extroverted approach composed of independent units as a holiday village; yet functionally operating as a compact hotel for optimum management. The hotel rooms are mainly planned on two blocks which the entrances of the rooms open up to the semi-open green spaces. Thus a green atrium is created at the entrance of the hotel rooms. All rooms are overlooking the sea and all have private terraces for enjoying the sea view. The blocks are interpreted in the shape of the wings sitting on different levels.