Project Date


Project Type




Land Area

88.642 m²

Gross Building Area

30.205 m²

Basra Sports Academy

Basra, Iraq

Being a part of an existing masterplan, the project aims to work as a key stone integrating the overall design of the complex. Situated between the stadium -the main landmark of the complex- and the sports guest houses, the three sports halls in an array undertake the conciliatory and complimentory role in terms of form, character and function. The main interference to the existing masterplan is achieved by creating a direct path from the guest houses’ center court to the stadium. That alternative path is not only creating a comfortable walking path in shadow but also allocating the administrative building from the sports halls and creating positive space in front in an urban character. The main circulation platform around the halls is raised up in order the avoid unnecessary excavation, however this also helps to provide a better protected space against drifting sand.
The design form inquires a dynamic yet pure effect which is also appropriate for hot climate. That takes simply to white shell covers which reflect the solar rays and enlarge the roof area for more space in shadow. The form of the shells make use of the repeating, organic elements of the nearby stadium facade and interprets the idea in a distinguished, artistic and rythmic way. Shadow control is strengthened by partially extended roof shells and with wooden shaders on the sides.