Project Date


Project Type




Land Area

2.800 m²

Gross Building Area

8.600 m²

Palm Couture

Dubai, UAE

The project (the “dream house”) is located on the Trunk region of the Jumeirah Palm Island near the sea coastal line, having direct access to the private beaches and sea front. The development consists of 10 floors, each having different layouts and planning solutions. The floor plans are based on the high-street and luxury lifestyle themes with reflections to the interior schemes. Especially the apartment layouts have been planned for enabling each family member to have a private and comfortable living environment within the house. The areas of the housing units vary between 450 m² (being the smallest) and 1200 m² (being the largest) which also provide a very different approach amongst the existing housing examples Dubai. Besides of this size feature, each housing unit is also distinguished from the rest of the Dubai housing typologies with the indoor swimming pools that are placed on the front façade of the block; having a wide, unobstructed sea view.